Continental Europe Pricing is available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, and
Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprys, Czech Republic, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland.
Please see pricing for the UK & Ireland, Nordics and other regions separately.

3.3% Payment Fee includes everything! *

All-Inclusive Pricing

Unlimited usage, no monthly fees, and no hidden surprises. Just one fair use rule here – at least 80% of the payments need to go through Hopoti.

With Hopoti, you don’t need to think about pricing tiers, monthly or yearly billings, or worrying that we charge your customers for bookings. We offer all our features and support with an all-inclusive payment fee.

To keep things fair, our Terms define that 80% of the booking traffic needs to be paid through Hopoti. The level is checked monthly – meaning that, on average, up to every fifth of your bookings could be paid with cash or other payment methods outside Hopoti.

This rule ensures your business and customers have enough room for special occasions and infrequent cash payments.

Weekly Payouts to your bank

Each Monday’s payout includes all payments minus our fees, usually from three business days prior.

Stripe costs are included *

Our fixed fee includes even the regular card transaction costs from our payment provider, Stripe.

How much of the fee is for Hopoti?

For example, with a €50 payment, card costs are about 60% of the fee, and what is left for Hopoti is very competitive:

* Exceptions for EUR and other currencies in the region
Minimum Fee per Payment: €1.00 or equivalent local currency.
Non-European Cards: +1.5% extra fee.
Some of the additional payment methods have extra fees as shown.
All prices and fees are shown without applicable VAT.

Local and Additional payment methods available

Depending on your location and customer base, you can enable other popular payment methods around the world through Hopoti.


Netherlands - no extra fee


Belgium - no extra fee


Germany - no extra fee


Portugal - extra fee +1%


Austria - no extra fee


Poland - no extra fee


Poland - no extra fee


Extra fees start at 2%


China - extra fee +1%

WeChat Pay

China - extra fee +1%

Risk-free with no lengthy contracts

No setup fees. No monthly fees. No charges for your customers. And you heard correct – no fixed terms or binding agreements. If for any reason you wouldn’t be happy with Hopoti, you can drop out at any point.

Joonas is here to help

Hi there! I’m Joonas Mononen, the Head of Customer Success & Support at Hopoti. You can book a demo with our team, start your free trial now, or contact me directly to discuss Hopoti.

You can try all the features except the payments for free. Only once you start with the payments will you also start paying for the payment fees. But before that, everything is ready to be tested!

During Hopoti registration, we only ask for basic company details, and immediately after that, your free trial starts. Tap “Get Started” on this page to get going!

Sure! Joonas and the Hopoti team are happy to help you, your business and your customers get started with Hopoti, all included in the pricing. Our ongoing Support Team is there to back you up after the start, too.

After registering to Hopoti and verifying your business with Stripe, we can publish you whenever needed through the Payments section in Business Settings. Before that, your business is only available with a direct link for testing purposes.

All prices are shown without applicable VAT. A Reverse VAT charge of 0% is available for all EU VAT registered businesses. Otherwise, applicable VAT will be added on top of the fee.

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